Sat Aesthetic Rose Essential Oil ( Premium Quality)


Give your face a natural glow by mixing a few drops to cream, moisturizer or serum. Use with body wash for relaxation.

  • Aroma oil:- Due to its aromatic smell it is used in diffusers and humidifiers for home fragrance. Best aromatherapy oil.
  • Hair:- Use in Shampoo or conditioner by mixing a few drops of tea tree oil and give your hair growth and make them thick and strong.
  • ¬†Romance:- Rekindle your romance by using a few drops of rose oil as perfume on the bedsheets. Can be added to massage oil for relaxation.
  • ¬†Beauty oil:- Sat Aesthetic rose essential oil for skin is the best quality rose oil available in the market. Add to manicure and pedicure tub for a Refreshing spa like experience
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Give Your Face A Natural Glow By Mixing A Few Drops To Cream,Moisturizer Or Serum. Use With Body Wash For Relaxation.

  • Aroma Oil:- Due To Its Aromatic Smell It Is Used In Diffusers And Humidifiers For Home Fragrance. Best Aromatherapy Oil.
  • Hair:- Use In Shampoo Or Conditioner By Mixing A Few Drops Of Tea Tree Oil And Give Your Hair Growth And Make Them Thick And Strong.
  • Romance:- Rekindle Your Romance By Using A Few Drops Of Rose Oil As Perfume On The Bedsheets. Can Be Added To Massage Oil For Relaxation.
  • Beauty Oil:- Sat Aesthetic Rose Essential Oil For Skin Is The Best Quality Rose Oil Available In The Market. Add To Manicure And Pedicure Tub For A Refreshing Spa Like Experience.
  • USES:- Natural Perfume Or Room Spray, Insect Repellent, Natural Relaxant And Stress Reducer.

How to use :
10 to 15 drops in 20ml carrier oil
5 to 8 drops in the bath
5 to 8 drops on a tissue
5 to 8 drops in vaporizer

  • Safety Information:
    This is a concentrated and powerful essential oil. Do a patch test before applying on face and hair. Avoid direct contact with eyes.
  • ¬†Ingredients:
    Pure Rose Essential Oil – Highly Natural and Organic | 100% Vegan | Paraben free | Cruelty free
  • Directions:
    Do a patch test on a small area of skin. Avoid ingesting or inhaling. Keep away from sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes. Apply after mixing with a carrier oil.

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